Sunday, 21 October 2018

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Squeaky Gate olive oil

Squeaky Gate makes a lot of noise

Australian family owned Squeaky Gate Growers Co has used homegrown humour in its latest olive oil campaign to celebrate real food and the people behind the squeaky gates. Enlisting the comedic talents of Jean K...
Oil drops

OliveCare® announces new best-before requirements

Australian extra virgin olive oils awarded the OliveCare ® seal will be issued with maximum 18 month best-before dates unless producers pay for extra testing. The OliveCare® program has announced how their ...


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Smart olive oil bottle tells you when it’s nearly empty

A new kickstarter project is attempting to commercialise a smart olive oil bottle that will not only keep your oil in perfect condition, it will also tell you when it’s time to buy more. The project, laun...
Deep frying pommes frites

Olive oil the most stable oil for high temperature cooking

A recent study of heat stability of common cooking oils has shown that olive oil is more stable at high heat than other common cooking oils. In the study, a range of common cooking oils was heated to high tempe...