Tuesday, 20 February 2018

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A Deakin University research project will look at consumer preferences for olive oil.

Australian consumer attitudes to olive oil research project

A research project at Deakin University aims to better understand Australian consumer attitudes and preferences for olive oil. The project is being conducted by Dr Sara Cicerale, with the assistance of Profe...
Kalamata olives

Australian kalamata olives still acceptable in Japan

Japan has decided that it won’t allow the European Union to claim ­kalamata olives as its own, instead determining that kalamata is both a region in Greece and a variety of olive. The EU has recently bee...


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Olive oil processing

Antioxidant in olive oil helps fight chronic disease

A recent article in by Lindsay Christensen in ProHealth has comprehensively analysed the benefits of hydroxytyrosol, a small polyphenol found in olive oil and olive leaf products. Hydroxytyrosol is excellent ...
Olive oil waste water

Researchers find practical uses for olive mill wastewater

From pollutant to bio-fertilizer, biofuel Olive oil has long been a popular kitchen staple. Yet producing the oil creates a vast stream of wastewater that can foul waterways, reduce soil fertility and trigger e...