Tuesday, 17 July 2018

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Sydney IOC attendees

IOC’s three key objectives for Sydney meeting

A meeting of the IOC was held in Sydney on Monday, May 28, following on from its 2017 agreement to encompass non-traditional producing countries, which now includes Australia. The International Olive Council wa...
Rob Whyte of Gooramadda Olives with the award winning Hardy's Mammoth olive oil.

Gooramadda wins gold at New York International competition

Gooramadda Olives has won a gold medal for its 2017 Hardy’s Mammoth extra virgin olive oil at the New York International Olive Oil Competition. Owners Rob and Melanie Whyte were in the middle of harvest ...


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Deep frying pommes frites

Olive oil the most stable oil for high temperature cooking

A recent study of heat stability of common cooking oils has shown that olive oil is more stable at high heat than other common cooking oils. In the study, a range of common cooking oils was heated to high tempe...
Olive oil processing

Antioxidant in olive oil helps fight chronic disease

A recent article in by Lindsay Christensen in ProHealth has comprehensively analysed the benefits of hydroxytyrosol, a small polyphenol found in olive oil and olive leaf products. Hydroxytyrosol is excellent ...