Thursday, 19 April 2018

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Harvesting olives at Boundary Bend

Boundary Bend to trial olive leaf extract exports to US

Boundary Bend, Australia’s largest olive producer, intends to make a splash in the US market with antioxidant-rich extracts from fresh olive leaves. Boundary Bend’s line of olive leaf extracts is st...
Italian olives

Olive oil processing and quality development course winners announced

Two readers of The Olive Review were given an opportunity to apply for sponsorship to the Olive Oil Processing and Quality Development Course to be held from April 12 – April 13 at Manzanillo Grove, Drys...


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Olive oil processing

Antioxidant in olive oil helps fight chronic disease

A recent article in by Lindsay Christensen in ProHealth has comprehensively analysed the benefits of hydroxytyrosol, a small polyphenol found in olive oil and olive leaf products. Hydroxytyrosol is excellent ...
Olive oil waste water

Researchers find practical uses for olive mill wastewater

From pollutant to bio-fertilizer, biofuel Olive oil has long been a popular kitchen staple. Yet producing the oil creates a vast stream of wastewater that can foul waterways, reduce soil fertility and trigger e...