Saturday, 17 August 2019

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Boundary Bend predicts good yield

The olive harvest is underway for major producer Boundary Bend, which is confident it will produce more olive oil than it did last year.

Strong support for olive oil 5-star health rating

Public health experts and Woolworths have spoken out in support of a 5-star health rating for olive oil.


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Green glass bottles

Greenish glass helps olive oil last longer on supermarket shelves

Recent research conducted at the University of Pisa shows that storing extra virgin olive oil in greenish glass can help to slow down or even prevent degradation during retail storage. The researchers found th...

Smart olive oil bottle tells you when it’s nearly empty

A new kickstarter project is attempting to commercialise a smart olive oil bottle that will not only keep your oil in perfect condition, it will also tell you when it’s time to buy more. The project, laun...