IOC flags big increase in consumption of Australian olive oil

The IOC has released figures for Australian production, consumption, import and export of olive oil from 1990 to 2017. The figures show that the Australian olive industry is growing at a healthy rate. Key figures are:

  • Production has increased by 4200% since 1997
  • Consumption of locally produced oil is now 41%
  • Australians consume 34% more olive oil than they did in 1988
  • Australia exports 11% of its olive oil production

Australian production of olive oil

Australia began producing olive oil in around 1997, and in the 19 years since then, production has increased from 500 tonnes to 21,000 tonnes. This represents a 4200 per cent increase in production.

Consumption of locally-produced olive oil

In 1988-89, locally-produced olive oil was only 2% of the total Australian consumption of olive oil. In just under a decade (2007-2008), this figure increased to almost 23% of Australian consumption. Ten years later (2016-2017), almost half of the olive oil that Australians consume (41%) is locally produced.

Total Australian consumption of olive oil

Total Australian consumption of olive oil from all sources has grown by almost 34 per cent from 13,500 tonnes in 1990-1991 to 40,500 tonnes in 2016-2017.

Australian exports of olive oil

In 2003 Australian exports were only 1.45% of production. Today, more than eleven per cent of total Australian production is exported.

Good news for the Australian olive industry

Alan Saunders from Agromillora says

In the next five years, I would expect plantings of at least another two million olive trees. The Australian olive Industry is about to go through another boom period. It is imminent.

Combined Australian production, consumption, import and export 1990-2017 (000 tonnes)

Australian olive oil production from 1990 to 2017 (000 tonnes)

Total Australian consumption 1990-2017