How to produce table olives safely: a new book

Table Olives & AS/ISO22000

Food Safety Management applied when processing table olives

by Jos Weemaes
Published 2019 by TABLO publishing
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Jos Weemaes and his partner Kathy owned an olive grove when this food safety management system was created. They were involved full-time in the harvest, processing and sale of table olives, olive oil and olive-related products. The grove achieved outstanding results using this system, receiving many quality awards, gold medals and recommendations in national food magazines for their olive products.

After the business was handed over to new owners, Jos decided to share his knowledge by publishing this book. He wanted to help other small olive processing enterprises produce high quality table olives in a food-safe environment.

The book explains how to extract the bitterness from olives and prepare food safe saleable produce using the Greek method of natural fermentation.

The method of processing  olives described in the book is incorporated in the Australian/New-Zealand Standard: Food Safety Management System for Organizations Within the Food Chain, AS/ISO 22000-2005.

Learn how to comply with the Australian standard

Several sections of the book are dedicated to compliance with the Australian standard. They have been included to explain how to manage  food safety risks, and what to do when food safety gets out of control.

The book will guide the reader through the processes and procedures, in compliance with the Food Safety management system, to process raw olives into quality table olives.

Table Olives & AS/ISO22000 was developed as part of a study into food safety and inspection with the Open Training and Education Network (OTEN) in collaboration with the University of Sydney, Australia.

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