Northern hemisphere olive oil production to increase in 2017/2018 season

New estimates for the northern hemisphere’s upcoming olive crop year 2017/18 indicate that the average expected increase for 2017/18 is 405.000 tons or 18.6%, plus or minus 7%.

The Spanish magazine Mercacei reported on the “the forecast by Álvaro Olavarría, Managing Director of Oleoestepa,” a large cooperative, with an emphasis on the world’s largest olive oil producer, Spain, and the prediction that it will produce “1,250,000 tons in the 2017/18 season compared to 1,281,950 tons in the previous one.” Providing a chart with information about the top 8 olive oil producing nations dating back to the 2013/14 harvest year, Mercacei added, “olive oil production in the main producing countries will reach a total of 2,745,000 tons, increasing by 11% over the 2016/17 season, according to these forecasts.”