Provenance marketing project will boost sales for boutique growers

Fleurieu olive grove
Olive grove on the Fleurieu Peninsula, SA
Photo: Monica Van Riet

A new project to discover whether location can significantly affect an olive oil’s flavour is underway, thanks to a new Federal Government-funded pilot program called Farming Together.

The project involves members of the Australian state olive bodies from South Australia and Queensland.

Dr Richard Gawel, the project’s scientific collaborator, said it would help better market a product’s unique characteristics.

The Australian olive oil market is dominated by blended products from Europe, with little to recommend them in terms of distinguishing sensory characteristics. In contrast, this project is looking to create an appellation system where consumers can associate an oil with a place and a grower

In Europe, olive oils with a product designation of origin, or PDO, can command much higher prices than bulk-produced and blended olive oils,  Dr Gawel said.

By establishing a PDO for locally produced olive oils, consumers are linked to the farmer, creating greater food authenticity.

It is estimated that over 85 percent of Australian extra-virgin olive oils are made from olives grown in a single grove that has been maintained by the owner.

Pilot program offers expert support and financial assistance for your project

Farming Together is a new Federal Government-funded pilot program that will provide expert support and financial assistance to collaborative groups and cooperatives.

If your group or cooperative has a great idea, you can receive independent professional advice, feedback and guidance from business experts in a variety of fields. If your idea shows promise, it will be considered for Farming Together funding to help bring it to fruition.

All farmer group projects are required to form a legal entity to accept funds.

Register online with your idea to kick-start your concept and Farming Together promises to get back to you by the close of the week. You need to be an Australian citizen farming to ATO-recognised guidelines.

You can find out more about the Farming Together project at .