London table olive awards announced

Table olive producers will gain a marketing advantage by participating in the London Table Olive Competition to be held in Kensington this year say its organisers.

The competition offers awards for both quality and packaging.

The organisers say that the London table olive competition aims to:

  1. Help olive growers, table olive producers, processors and retailers to promote high quality table olives.
  2. Promote the value of the healthy/nutritional aspects of table olives in the Mediterranean diet to
    • new consumers, including children
    • professional pastry chefs
    • artisans, with an emphasis on gastronomy; culinary art schools and restaurants.
  3. Educate consumers about the diversity of varieties, quality and flavours of table olives.

Judging will be held on 13-15 April, 2018

More information at the London IOOC website