Smart olive oil bottle tells you when it’s nearly empty

Olivery smart bottle
The Olivery smart bottle

A new kickstarter project is attempting to commercialise a smart olive oil bottle that will not only keep your oil in perfect condition, it will also tell you when it’s time to buy more.

The project, launched on August 28 by European company Olivery, claims that it will create the world’s very first olive oil in a Smart Bottle.

The black, airtight bottle contains a chip that monitors the weight and therefore the contents of the bottle, and sends a Bluetooth message to your phone when the bottle is almost empty.

The idea is that when the smart bottle is almost empty, the LED light changes from green to red and a microchip in the bottle sends a Bluetooth message to a mobile app called oLi. oLi asks if you’d like to order some more oil and then sends a message to the company if you do. Your order is then delivered in a sustainable refill pack that fits neatly through your letterbox. Customers have been promised that if you order before 5pm, your new oil will be on your doormat the following day.

Olivery believes in philanthropy and 10% of all their profits go to refugee children in the South of Italy where their oil comes from.

You can find out more about the project at the Olivery kickstarter page.

The Olivery smart bottle shown with the refill pack that will be sent to customers once the bottle is 80% empty.