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NSW DPI testing team
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olive oil exports to China

Strategic alliance to promote more Aussie products to China

The Australian Made website reports that the Australian Made Campaign has formed a strategic alliance with AuMake to promote locally made and grown products to daigou and Chinese tourists. The Australian Made Campaign administers and promotes Australia’s country-of-origin trade mark for…

Olive oil processing

The many ways to certify extra virgin olive oil

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and the phrase is also true for extra virgin olive oil. There are possibly four ways that you can determine whether a product labelled ‘extra virgin olive oil’ is what it…

Australian supermarket olive oils
World map

Showcase your olive products to the world

The Australian Food Catalogue is an online guide to export-ready Australian food and beverage products. An initiative of Food Innovation Australia Ltd, the purpose of the online catalogue is to connect international buyers with export capable food and beverage suppliers. You can register…


Provenance marketing project will boost sales for boutique growers

A new project to discover whether location can significantly affect an olive oil’s flavour is underway, thanks to a new Federal Government-funded pilot program called Farming Together. The project involves members of the Australian state olive bodies from South Australia and Queensland….

Olive oil salad dressing

All about olives conference

Olives WA will be holding a conference titled ‘All about olives’ at Mt Hawthorn, WA in November. As its name suggests, the event will be all about olives: to stimulate and educate on growing, harvesting and preserving olives tasting and…

Olive oil waste water

Researchers find practical uses for olive mill wastewater

From pollutant to bio-fertilizer, biofuel Olive oil has long been a popular kitchen staple. Yet producing the oil creates a vast stream of wastewater that can foul waterways, reduce soil fertility and trigger extensive damage to nearby ecosystems. Now in…