Olives feature in Buy Queensland First initiative

Amanda Bailey at the launch

The CEO of the Queensland Olive Council, Amanda Bailey, spoke at the launch of the Buy Queensland First initiative today.

Buy Queensland aims to ensure local businesses, jobs and better social outcomes are front and centre when tax payer dollars are spent.

Here is an outline of the presentation made by Ms Bailey, who pointed out that the “Buy Queensland First Policy” is about  much more than supporting local producers; it is also about other factors like the environment, sustainability, growth, grower confidence & regionality.

In Queensland Olives are grown from Bundaberg – Charleville – Hinterland Gold Coast to the NSW border.

There are more than 100 artisan producers through to large commercial operations.

Queensland Producers make a range of varietals of olive oil. They also manufacture Olives and other products like tapenades, sauces & jams. Some of these products have won the highest National & International accolades such as Sommariva Olives from Charleville & Rash Valley Olives from Ravensbourne.

The Olive Industry is synonymous with health, particularly lowering blood pressure and improving heart health, it promotes 44% lowered incidence of stroke risk and also lowered incidence of type 2 diabetes.


Olive Oil is the most researched fat in the world. Olives are a fermented food and are gut friendly. Olives are an ancient food with rich traditions and have some unexpected nuances that you may not know about.

Olive oil can be as diverse in flavour profile as wine.


From an environmental point of view, did you know that every litre of olive oil produced captures 10.65kg of carbon dioxide?
Where sustainability is concerned being in a rural industry is tough for producers (with our lowest season on record in 2018).


The Buy Queensland First Initiative to me is also about Regionality (or Provenance) whereby these products are unique expressions of olive oils & olives produced from each olive grove within a geographical region means you can taste the character attributed to the soil, the air, the landscape, the attention to detail by the producer, the processor, the blender in the craft for making a perfect naturally healthy product. Queensland Olive Council is at the forefront of Provenance in driving some of the latest industry research in this area.

Putting Queensland’s olive industry on the radar

Buy Queensland First is a terrific initiative putting Queensland Olives & Olive Oil on the radar. The Queensland Olive Industry in turn would like to commend the Queensland government for returning tax dollars back to forge a stronger local economy. Today, the Queensland Olive Industry has the chance to show we support this initiative through using local produce to pave the way for local food & beverage manufacturing and possible future expansion.

Consumers need to know more about local products and this is one way to help increase the demand overall. With olive oil consumption the average household in Australia consumes $25 of olive oil per year. This figure is too low with the research recommending a dietary intake of olive oil of 2 tablespoons per person per day for good health. Olive Oil is the most diverse oil for culinary use from drizzling on a salad, to cooking lamb on a barbecue to making olive oil icecream.

With this initiative everyone wins with supporting Regional Queensland: the consumer wins through quality produce and lower food miles and so does the producer who gets to increase their production and be confident there will be a future market.

Queensland is known for its pristine beaches, tropical islands, lush rainforests, vibrant cities and the Australian Outback. Queensland is a food bowl… actually it’s a “Superbowl” with the most diverse range of produce from Queensland. Let’s add the fantastic virtues of Queensland Grown & Made Olives, Olive Oil and products to that list!

The Buy Queensland Directory

For future confidence in this market, producers will have the ability to participate in the Buy Queensland directory and be exposed to wider networks for growth opportunities. Stronger growth brings confidence to boost jobs and make existing jobs more sustainable within regional areas of Queensland. To be listed in the directory, suppliers must complete an online application process at www.qld.gov.au/buyqueensland showing they usually grow, make or produce the majority of their goods in Queensland.

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Amanda Bailey
CEO – Queensland Olive Council
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